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Media reports
Xing Dao Daliy Newspaper
A letter of thanks from the HongKong Xin Hua News Agency to the H.Q. of the Chinese Armed Police....
《Lost in the Art》published by Ren Min Wun Jing Newspaper.(6/30/1991)
Shrimp (Chinese painting) 40cm65cm Texas A & M University Museum of Art Collection (2003)
Malaysia jacob school just for show (July 16, 1997 published in the Nanyang Siang Pau)
Thai English newspaper promotion of Chinese culture (1991)
Thai police Major General Chen Jinpeng letter (1991)
Beautiful as the painting "Peony Queen"Li Man published by Asia News Time(11/14/1993)
Li Man relief for sale paintings (published in 1998 in the military)
Glimpse Lehman (1991 to see published on December 8 in Bangkok Siam Daily Star)
Li Man painting exhibition to celebrate the first anniversary of the return of Hong Kong......
Lehman artist (April 16, 1992 published in Wen Wei Po)
Li Man's Awards of Honor form Thailand ,relief for Catastrophe,Donation of books and painting ......
"Peony Queen in the Military"published by "East Star Magazine"(1994)
New Chinese Daily News
Media reports
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