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Pictorial life
Painter, Zheng educator professor Li Man and Houston Zheng health court members posing
The famous painter, Zheng educator professor Li Man led the students ensemble" fishermans night
Li Man adapted lyrics and sang" Love Wedding welcome friends"
The painter Li Man presented the works of Chinese painting in December 18, 2011 Texas wedding hall
Li Zhaoxing minister praised the bride and the groom is a perfect pairing
Teacher Li Man is Wang Di & Jade wedding gift works in Beijing in October 28, 2011.
Boss Weind and his wife Meri made a special trip to China to a wedding in Beijing in October 28 2011
Wang Di kowtow to mother-in-law Li Man. Tea in Beijing in October 28, 2011
Li Zhaoxing minister and Wang Di & Jade evolution and both parents in Beijing in October 28, 2011.
Li Zhaoxing Minister for Wang Di & Jade married in Beijing in October 28, 2011 and married.
NorweGian Pearl Cruise Cruise September 23, 2011
Cruise on September 23, 2011
Glacier cruise September 23, 2011
U.S. glaciers September 23, 2011
Alaska cruise ship September 23, 2011
Alaska glacier September 23, 2011
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