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Cultural exchange
Lehman U.S. teaching
Professor Li Man Chinese painting
Professor Li Man Zheng
Lehman and the new recruits
The art demonstration at the George Bush Library receives warm welcome from everyone in 2003
U.S. city of Houston, Bill White in person, "Li Man Guo Zheng painting will appreciate"
Art Museum in 1999
In 1991 in Bangkok with Thailand's ambassador to the exchange of art
The GuangDong Art University Mr.Chen Yongqiang in 2002
In 1991 in Bangkok, a professor of Chinese Painting
In 1991 in Thailand, Japan and the United States, Professor
Professor of Japanese students in Bangkok, China Painting
The art demonstration at Ipoh,Malaysia in 1995
In 1993 the city of Ipoh in Malaysia
U.S. Consulate General in Houston, Hu Yeshun consul general and local patriotic overseas Chinese ...
Painting in public awareness of Chinese culture, American students into raptures. (2003)
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