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Liman Guo paintings "Butterfly Flower" Wenzhou entrepreneurs Min, Mr. Collection 2012 Febr
U.S. President George W. Bush Museum of Art's collection of works Li Man
The Hollywood Art Gallery added "the Chinese Zodiac"into its art collection in 2003
Li Man famous Chinese painter for the United States Houston Mayor White collection presented certifi
"Lotus" the armed police in Hangzhou infirmary collection 250 x300cm
"Peony" Fok Ying-tung, Hong Kong collectors 90 x120cm
"Peony" Xu Hong Kong Exhibition Hall collection 80 x120cm
Mr.David Wu adds "the Peony After the Rain"and "the Dream"into his art ......
Mr.Jian Paul Poon adds "the Spring"into his art collection
Taking one last picture with her painting
President Bush Li Man collection works
U.S. President tours Li Man works fine
U.S. A & M University Museum of Art curator CATHERINE A HASTEDT Hsieh letter to the Lehman collectio
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