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Li Man Profile

Houston, United States Institute of Chinese Painting

Li Man Profile

  Li Man, of the Chinese Artists Association, Houston, United States Institute of Chinese Painting, the U.S. A & M University professor, Houston, United States Fine Brushwork will be general counsel, the Hong Kong Confucian Academy will always honor the President. A "Li Man portfolio", "Li Man Huaji" "Li Man arts trip."
  Li Man had the Department of Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts painting, traditional Chinese painting of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Painting Studio Flowers and Birds Painting workshop, the State Ministry of Culture, "Meticulous re-color" high-class postgraduate research. Studied under the famous painter of Fok Yu, Han Meilin, and so on. The main birds and flowers, sculpture, particularly trespassing Meticulous re-Choi Peony. His work has participated in domestic and international calligraphy and painting exhibitions and awards, has been successful in the United States, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and other places held a personal exhibition of her paintings Peony Chinese painting and calligraphy works of widely-collection and the Museum of Art Favorites. To carry forward the motherland's culture, arts, strengthen friendly relations and have made prominent contributions.
  November 3, 2003, Li Man China and the United States on behalf of the Chinese artists to participate in the General Assembly • Chinese Cultural Week, in the U.S. state of Texas A & M University Museum of Art's "Li Man exhibition" by the United States warmly welcomed by the audience. In recognition of the artistic achievements of Li Man, U.S. President George W. Bush in the same year • December 10 specialized in Houston apartments and their families met with Li Man and Li Man delighted collection of the works of Chinese painting peonies, Li Man spoke highly of China U.S. arts and cultural exchanges and friendly relations between China and the United States a special contribution. Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Rick Perry in particular for the United States granted Li Man honorary citizen of Texas. And November 3, 2003 named:
"Li Man day."
  Li Man's results have been drawing audiences of all countries in the world recognized, domestic and foreign media organizations must raise about 8 per topic reported the results of their art, she is now creative efforts, to new heights the art of climbing.