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Painting Creation
Li Man collecting folk songs in the suburbs of Beijing in October 2006
Drawing the Orchid flower after the Peony in 1995
Youthful Times (Just Came Back From Work,1996)
Class (1994 figures of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in painting)
From the "voice of the World Conference on Women" magazine (1995)
Full (1994 Beihai Park, Beijing Painting)
Painting a new portrait (Jin Shan Park Beijing 1994)
Springtime painting (Luo Yang Wang Cheng Park,1994)
Outdoor painting (Kuala Lumpur Park,Malaysia 1994)
Blossoming of the Peony flowers(the Peony Garden Beijing 1995)
Flowers crown
Malay customs (1994 Park Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Hardships created (2002 studio in the suburbs of Beijing)
Painting at TaiHang Mountain.1994
Painting at TaiHang Mountain.1994
Drawing China's Peony flowers while taking a step forward for China in 2003
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