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  Li Man, of the Chinese Artists Association, Houston, United States Institute of Chinese Painting, the U.S. A & M University professor, Houston, United States Fine Brushwork will be general counsel, the Hong Kong Confucian Academy will...
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United States Phone :832-668-9859,832-503-9632
Address :  sugar land.river stone
Official website: www.limanart.com
E-mail: manli28@hotmail.com
Modern Painting
Meticulous re-Choi
Traditional Chinese painting
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· Seeking and Creating Beauty 2008-9-18
· Imagination – the Soul of Painting 2008-9-18
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China Art Academy of Houston
Teaching the Chinese Watercolor Brush Painting and the basice of playing Chinese musical instrument Guzheng.

For Registration call:832-6689859

Class Schedule:Monday through Saturday-14:00 to16:00.
Each class is 45 minutes;you may choose your time.
Class Fee:

Private lessonsL$60.00(45minutes)